Parole Perse 2011

by Parole perse

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Promo showcasing songs that have been written and recoded in 2008, went almost forgotten and came back to life in 2011.


released September 27, 2012

Written and produced by C/01 and k/01
Recorded at Rheinwaldhorn Studio, CH
Mixed at Stairway Studio A and Stairway Studio B



all rights reserved


Parole perse Switzerland

Parole Perse is an entity able to mold and evolve through time.
Starting from the first self titled demo in 2012 until the most recent release "My Presence, the Shades" in 2014, lineup changes altered the balance creating an awareness of the band's strength.
New music is ready to be launched expressing the particular moment that marked the remaining members’ creativity phase of this new entity.
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Track Name: Helium/Hellion
We don’t want to live beneath
the rules of hate.
Contaminated by all these fears
that lead the streets.

We don’t want tho hide behind
the state of things.
Degenerated by passive ways
to go through it.

Our mind has died...
Our thirst has raised...

In the hands of reality,
we have ceased to believe.
To the point of transition,
we have ceased to exist.

We are those who don’t have
any story to tell...
erased by nonsense, drown in our state
of futile mankind.

We are hold without the grace
within our cell.
Intoxicated by exhalations
of still-life being.

hungry for denial...
until the end of aeons...

We can choose to live,
inside all our needs...
In the sunset of a silent day,
we should be released...

We could lurk within ourselves
to make sense to all...
But we are gone, forever done!
Track Name: Le Déguisement
Oppression is cutting my breath
This will, this need to rescue my wealth
Preservation of my real life
Avoiding, refusing, rejecting in deny
In this Masquerade I deceive
Confusion I spread, causing disease
Feeling abandoned sure it’s my fate
This will go on till the end my days

Keeping safe my identity
In this word that lacks of morality
Creating my own repair
Cheating my real despair
Erasing my rational sphere
My sight is becoming so clear
My need to exist, my will to resist
Just let me be on what I believe

Building something out of lies
My expectation seems so high
Imagination from a derailed mind
Is teaching what’s wrong or right
Corruption, detention, repulsion, induction
Covering up with
some words of comfort
Breathing is harder,
my eyes are so blind
I cannot stand no more
this way of survive

Keeping safe my identity
In this word that lacks of morality
Creating my own repair
Cheating my real despair
Erasing my rational sphere
My sight is becoming so clear
My need to exist, my will to resist
Just let me be on what I believe

Infimo personaggio secondario
di questa farsa immonda:
solo con te stesso ti nascondi
dietro la maschera che ti tiene in vita, ma sei sovrastato dagli eventi
e rimarrai per sempre perso nel nulla.
Smaterializzato, distrutto.
Graniglia che precipita sulla polvere
del passato.
Sei una nullità.

A small character
in this masquerade
In the lost words,
prisoners of themselves
Trying to be rescued,
to find a refuge
Just in my mind I want to be,
behind the mask
that keeps me alive
Lost the track of the events
Lasting forever completely gone
Dematerialized, disintegrated
In grains falling down
in the sand of my future

Conceiving futile desires,
in this forsaken exile.
Abusing on my tyrannie
I’m weary by my own greed.

Drowning death my identity
in this world of inanity:
undoing my own repair,
accepting my real despair
Track Name: Whispers
Subconsciousnessis whispering decline:
erosion as a forthcome value.
The power of a vacuum wind,
that’s blowing awayany right to exist.

The reflection of a stillborn seed
can’t give any clear image.
As the water has dried away,
our fertitly has gone.

Should we eat our shame?
Should we drink our solitude?

Could we build anithing
from the fantoms,
that we keeop in our hearts
and love in disguise?
Shall we survive
with complains in our mind,
enslaved by our sins
and trapped by our hands?

Conscience is screaming
to imaginary contenders,
the barriers are broken:
psychophisic disfunction.
Our synaptic connections
bear sort of
chemical misunderstanding:
hallucinated visions
of the sores that we have
on our hands

Did we call this transition?
Shall we resist to this pain?

We wish to resotre our condition
of when we talked to the stars
and where answered with truth
we don’t want to see the dawn of a day,
that could turn to grey,
for being the same of yesterday
Track Name: State Of Things
...And i bow down
on my knees,
while this obsession
makes me prisoner,
in these days
when the sun
shines out all pains...

...And it seems
I’m transcending life
so secure

The images that clichés
have built up
in thousands seconds
of sterile perception,
i collapse them
in a brand new illusion...

...and it feels like
i’m falling apart of
my stereotyped life

i’m involved in a new passion
i’m into another meaning

in a windowless box
ashes fly gently
and memories reappear
in a sphere
of restless sleep
as i’m being pulled
fastly into the black...

...and i’m feeded by notions
that run rapidly
towards my static eyes

i’m reborn unknown, uncovered
to taste the bitter flavour of the air

when stories have passed by
in a short flame
after having been dying
day by day
they let light fall asleep
in a frozen paled dream